Quality Wood Flooring


Quality that will last - that's not a promise, it's a guarantee!

How long will your floor last? Not even an expert can be sure just by looking at it.

But now you can be sure with Willowson. No one gives you a more comprehensive guarantee than we do. That's because Willowson insists on quality every time. Hundreds of people and thousands of eyes scrutinize each piece of wood that goes into the Willowson warehouse. They select the trees in the forests, guide the saw blades in our mills, and examine each board to find the perfect raw materials. Every inch of wood flooring is inspected before it is delivered. Of course, we have high-tech machinery - but we still rely on the human eye to ensure the qualities that make Willowson special. We do this because it's the only way we can guarantee you will be just as happy with your floor in thirty years from now. And that's not a promise - it's a guarantee.


Provided they are cared for in accordance with our maintenance programme, Willowson covers your floor with a comprehensive 30 years wear warranty. This warranty is in addition to the rights enjoyed by the customer in accordance with current national consumer legislation and without prejudice to statutory implied conditions and warranties.

1. The warranty applies to wooden flooring supplied in original packaging. The guarantee applies to floors installed on condition that Willowson laying, care and maintenance instructions for the floor have been adhered to throughout the warranty period.
2. The warranty covers delaminating of the wear layer of the engineered boards. The surface treatment and the entire layer of hardwood from the 'wear layer'.
3. The warranty does not apply in the case of lack of or insufficient maintenance, spot wear, scratches, negligent use, or use contrary to Willowson laying, care and maintenance instructions, other neglect damage or special circumstances which can be attributed to the end user. Instructions with regard to laying, care and maintenance are enclosed with the product when it is delivered. If the instructions are lost, a new copy can be obtained directly from Willowson.
4. The warranty is valid for thirty (30) years, from the date of purchase, and is transferable in the event of any change of property ownership within this period, providing all relevant proof of purchase documentation is available.
5. Willowson will remedy faults for which it Is responsible as specified above free of charge by repairing the fault or supplying a new product at its own discretion. If the product sold cannot be manufactured any longer or is no longer in stock, Willowson reserves the right to supply an alternative product of similar specification. The warranty does not cover any costs arising as a result of interference caused by the dismantling or installation of any replacement materials. Nor any other costs for damage, which may arise in connection with the appearance of the fault. Willowson is not responsible for any damage occurring either directly or indirectly or consequential losses arising from faults, which are covered by the warranty. In no event shall Willowson be liable under this warranty for any claim other than the price paid by the customer for the product.

Nothing in this Section 5 shall be regarded as in any way limiting or excluding any liability Willowson may have to the customer under any relevant statutory regulations concerning product liability. Complaints in respect of faults which are covered by the warranty must be sent in writing to Willowson without delay, within 30 days from the time the fault is first noticed. If a complaint is not made within this period the Willowson warranty obligation lapses. The warranty certificate, proof of purchase and a photograph of the damage, should accompany the complaint.

Please note: That normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty.